Saturday, August 29, 2009

Antigua Trunk Show (1st Visit)

Premiering It's All Wet Beachwear in Antigua.

Conquering new territories is my goal in growing All Wet Beachwear around the Caribbean, but learning all the new cultures will be filled with enormous peaks and valleys. Each island presents a different challenge and I am looking forward to the adventure I think? I will have to learn new business laws, gain new friends and associates along with getting brand recognition for

Friday, July 17, 2009

Caffe 2010 Swimwear Show

Strong show by Caffe at Miami Swim 2010. Bohemian, fun and colorful. Flattering swimsuits that will appeal to the European Tourist visiting the Caribbean!

Tibi Swimwear 2010 Show

Swimsuit clad models hit the Tibi runway offering 41 looks in the show, I loved the colors which added a very retro feel to the collection. Tibi launched its swimwear line in 2008, the runway shows high point were the cover-up's, they were fun and flirty. I am ready to hit the beautiful Caribbean beaches with these fabulous cover-ups.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MB Fashion Week Swim Kick Off Event

I arrived at The Raleigh Hotel a bit late but I would prefer to say Prime Time, there was a great party vibe going on around the pool. Fashion industry people laughing and talking, media trying to get pictures of all the party goers and did I mention the fabulous speciality drinks (Chombard Black Raspberry Lemonade) just yummy. I am now excited, getting goose bumps and ready to see what the designers have to offer for swimwear in 2010.

There were a few reality stars present at the kick-off party, Kelli Bensimon from Real Housewives of NYC (Bravo)...

Tibi & Caffe Swimwear Shows tomorrow, pictures will be available on Facebook.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Preview of RYGY 2010 Collection

It's a beautiful Sunday Afternoon on South Beach, location the beautiful Shore Club Poolside. An ideal party venue with stunning women and men at play, so the stage is set for a Preview Fashion Show for RYGY 2010 collection. The show was scheduled to start at 3:30PM, actual start time 5PM but with great music playing hundreds of people dancing in the pool in beautiful swimsuits and board shorts whose complaining. I started to review the 2010 line sheets to get an inside look at what to expect, I would describe the collection as Southern Comfort with a hint of Nautical Adventure which is a continuation from their 2009 collection (very predictable). They premiered 16 pieces which looked better in person than on the line sheets I must add. There isn't 1 piece that gave me the "wow" I was looking for, but a very solid collection which will do well in the conservative resort market around the Caribbean. I would rate this collection as the "supporting case" to a portfolio of swimwear!

On to the next fashion show stay tuned...

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Creating It's All Wet Beachwear!

After completing my bachelors degree then my masters degree, working in corporate America, opening a day spa something was still missing from my life. Passion, true love of my work/ business I work 12 hours a day 6 days a week why shouldn't I love my career? This is a familiar feeling to many but I decided to take action immediately...
So I decided to follow my entrepreneurship spirit by formally starting my company It's All Wet Beachwear, my vision is to distribute mid to high-end designer swimwear to the Caribbean. So I started having trunk shows in my favorite place Jamaica to test the market place and demand for my products. I was met with great interest and feedback immediately... So I hit the ground running in true Racquel fashion!

Friday, July 10, 2009

The Start 1997

My love of swimwear began in the summer of 1997 when hanging out on the beach with friends in Jamaica, several girls complimented me on my pink and black checkered swimsuit. They proceeded to ask where did you get it, could you get me one similar? I said yes very light hardly, exchanged telephone numbers and never really thought much of it after wards. Within a couple days the girls called me and said don't forget to get us some swimsuits when you return to Miami.
Upon my return to Miami, I bought 6 swimsuits that I fell in love with and sent them to Kingston for the girls, I charged them roughly $20 above the purchase price and all 6 were sold within 2 days of arrival. So for the rest of the summer I would purchase more swimsuits in small manageable quantities with the main goal that if not sold I could keep them and wear them all. I got more joy in purchasing the swimsuits than actually making a profit. I was obsessed with the colors and styles, my love for swimsuits seemed weird but I couldn't have too many in my collection. I have heard of shoes and handbag additions (guilty), but I maybe the 1st to admit I have a swimsuit addiction...