Friday, August 15, 2014

What Suit Suits Your Style?

Just like the outfit you wear, the shoes you buy, and the car you drive, the bathing suit you wear can tell a lot about what type of person you are and what your personal style is like. So whether you are the sporty type or prefer something more traditionally feminine we have the perfect suit for you. Since it is most likely that you are feminine one day and want to show off your wild side the next don't forget to check out the other categories for more style inspiration. We women are complex creatures and we can't be defined by just one title so why should we be confined to just one suit. Explore all of your varying moods and styles with suits to match! 

Feminine & Sweet

Are you most comfortable in dresses, delicate floral prints, and anything with lace? Then feminine & sweet is probably for you. Look towards suits that incorporate all of your favorite designs such as ruffles, bows, lace, and of course floral prints! Check out two of our favorite sweet suits from Agua Bendita and PilyQ Swim

Preppy & Classic

Next up is preppy and classic. Do you love layering a sweater over your favorite collared shirt? Never met a stripe you didn't like? Look for suits in neutral and solid dark colors as well as great classic stripes. Try these suits from Vitamin A and Despi!

Edgy & Sexy

Is your motto you can never wear too much black? Do you like to add a masculine element even to the most feminine of outfits? If this sounds like you try out these great suits from Vitamin A and PilyQ.

 Vintage & Retro

Do you find yourself rummaging through bins at garage sales and in your grandparents' attic? Is your favorite item of clothing something that has stood the test of time and been passed down through the generations? If so than these vintage inspired suits from Seafolly are for you!

 Sporty & Casual

Do you believe that sneakers can be worn with every outfit, literally. Do you find yourself wondering how could you live with out denim? Does your favorite outfit consist of jeans, a t-shirt and some great accessories? If so then you will love these great sporty bikinis from PilyQ Swim and Vitamin A.

No matter what your style is we here at AWB have you covered. 
Check out the amazing suits above and more HERE

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