Thursday, September 2, 2010

White After Labor Day?

Who wears white after Labor Day? All Wet Beachwear says, everyone should! That’s right, the old adage, never wear white after Labor Day is now out of style. Just look at some of the fall fashions coming down the runway and anyone can see that wearing white after the first weekend in September is the latest fashion trend.

It use to be that fall and winter fashion dictated that one wear dark colors like oranges, browns and good old black. But the times are changing and fashion trend setters like Gucci are sending models down the fall/winter runway in white.  This can apply to your winter swimwear as well.

Whether you're taking a winter vacation or soaking up the sun in your back yard don't count out white swimwear.  The 2011 line is out and includes fantastic one and two piece suits.  White sandals you ask? Yes footwear in white is also a fashion do.

Its almost 2011 and times are changing. Forget the old school way of thinking and don't pack away your white.

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