Monday, April 19, 2010

Yes! You can find a flattering swimsuit? Here's how...

The only item truly needed for the beach is also the one that can be hardest to feel your best in. Here are some solutions to help you while shopping at

Do you want to enhance your bust?
Layers of tiered ruffles on top instantly add volume and give the illusion of a fuller chest. Designer of choice Vix

Do you want to minimize your butt?
An extra band of fabric around the hips- just a few inches long but no longer will camouflage your backside without covering you up too much.

Do you want to lengthen your body?
A plunging V-neck creates a slimming line down the center of your torso and these sit high on your hip, they make legs appear longer, too. Designer of choice RYGY & DESPI

Do you want to eliminate your love-handle?
Bottoms with adjustable ties on the sides ensure that suit won't cut into your hips; this provides a customized, seriously flattering fit! Designer of choice Cia.Maritima & Agua Doce

Do you want to lift your bust?
A slightly curvy sweetheart top gives your chest a nice, defined shape, while the bra-like underwire provides exactly the right amount of support.

Do you want to conceal your tummy?
Strategic ruching around the middle hides any hint of a paunch, and the one-piece construction is ideal for holding everything in. Designer of choice DESPI