Monday, August 30, 2010

Kids Swimwear Can Be Stylish Too

School is back in session but that doesn’t mean the summer has to end.  For those who live in states with seasons there are still several weeks left of warm afternoons. For those living in sunny states, like Florida, California, Texas and Nevada, weekend getaways to the beach can happen all year long.

As you already know, All Wet Beachwear has some of the best designer swimwear for mom. But, did you know we also carry top notch designer swimwear for your kids too!?! Teach your daughters how to keep stylish by getting them the best swimwear and of course accessories too!

One of our favorites is the Jemima P Girls Maillot 1-Piece featuring yellow ducks on blue! The suit is absolutely adorable and perfect for kids who love to play in the sand.

Ducks not your daughters favorite pattern? Try the Cherry Pie 1-Piece or 2-Piece featuring blue with cherries! Both the 1-Piece and Bikini are fun, comfortable and of course very stylish.

For your families winter vacation be sure to pack your daughter our gorgeous Snow Maillot 1-Piece featuring blue with white snow pattern! And, to make this already fabulous suit even better match it with the Snow Cotton Cover-up for girls featuring blue with white embroidery!

If only swimwear was so stylish when we were kids!

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Friday, August 27, 2010

Swimsuit Fashion Throughout History:

As you may have guessed, All Wet Beachwear loves everything about swimwear fashion.  Whether bikinis, one pieces or cover ups we love it all! Therefore, we decided to dedicate this blog post to the history of swimsuit fashion. From the days when swimwear fashion consisted of your birthday suit to present day celebrity lines this post exposes it all.

Back in classical antiquity there was no such thing as swimwear fashion. Men and women bathed in the nude.  It was only in the 18th century when people started covering their bodies when swimming.  In fact, the swimsuit was created for the purpose of hiding the human body.  It was thought to be immoral to show ones body and thus the swimsuit was born.

In the 19th century public bathing started to become more popular. The 19th century swimwear fashion was nothing like today's.  Women wearing 19th century swimsuits were covered, almost entirely. These swimsuits were usually made of wool and resembled a gown covering the body from a woman’s shoulders down to her knees. In addition, they included a set of trousers with leggings.

Bikini’s began to be introduced just after World War II.  Interestingly enough, bikinis were named after the site of nuclear weapons testing, Bikini Atoll, because they had an “explosive effect”. The early two piece suits were not the sexy ones we know today, instead they covered much more of the body.  It wasn’t until the “60’s that bikini’s began to become known as sexy, revealing swimwear.

In 2010 swimwear is oh so popular. Celebrities to the ever day average girls spend hours picking out just the right suit.  There are countless designers and styles to pick from and covering up the body generally isn’t the goal. And, the very sexy Monokini has found its way into the closets of some of the most stylish women.

What will the next biggest swimwear fashion be?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Celebrities Favorite Swimwear

We are always seeing celebrities relaxing on beaches and enjoying beautiful ocean waters. Most often they look fantastic and, of course, are wearing the best swimwear around. Here are some inside secrets on whose wearing what;

Super model Bar Refaeli is the the newest model for Agua Bendita.  On August 9, 2011 Refaeli was seen jumping aboard a yacht in Italy with friends and love interest Leonardo DiCaprioshe, bet she wore one of her favorite Agua Bendita bikini’s that day!

Vix is another popular brand amongst the celebrities.  Brazilian actress, Leticia Spiller, as well as, Britney Spears, Gisele Bundchen, Denise Richards and Kim Kardashian all love to slip into Vix Swimwear.  It’s no surprise this brand is so popular, each year these pieces are designed with the most stylish women in mind.

Who hasn’t heard of the Kardashian sisters? They are fun, wacky and always stylish. Its no wonder they designed their own swimwear line with Beach Bunny. Victoria Secret model Candice Swanepoel models Beach Bunny swimwear and super star celebrities Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller and Salma Hayek make sure to pack their favorite Beach Bunny bikini’s when the beach or pool is a destination. If you are looking for swimwear that’s been worn by a celeb your best bet is a Beach Bunny bikini.

Take a tip from the celebrities and get a beautiful designer bikini that shows off your keen sense of style!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hot Spots for Last Minute Getaways

Show off your fabulous swimwear and plan a last minute summer getaway. It’s true, fall is right around the corner, but it’s not here yet.  Take advantage of these last fleeting summer days by booking a fabulous trip.  Here are some of All Wet Beachwear's favorite "Hot Spots":

Riviera Maya, Mexico: 

Take advantage of this beautiful Mexican hot spot during its “off-season”.  That’s right, Riviera Maya is beautiful during the summer months but prices are low and crowds small. And, if you are hoping to bring the entire family check out the all-inclusive resorts, Iberostar Tucan and Quetzel where kids 12 and under stay and eat free.

Last minute Caribbean Cruises:

During the hot summer months one can find plenty of available cabins on Caribbean cruises.  This means cheaper prices and plenty of seats available poolside. What better place to show off your gorgeous bikini and cover up then a fabulous Caribbean cruise.

Vegas Baby!

The Venetian Vegas is offering a great last minute August vacation price. Book your escape to Las Vegas in August and get packages from $139 a night.  Soak up the sun on the Pool Deck or at the luxurious Azure Pool where you can sip mimosa's and perfect your tan.


One of our favorite hot spots can be found in Miami, the Newport Beachside Resort.  Whether you prefer the warm ocean waters or relaxing beachfront pool deck the Newport Beachside Resort has it all. With daily activities, indulging spa, dancing and the most delicious meals you will ever have this is one of the best spots to get away!

If you have any favorite "Hot Spots" let us know and we will be sure to share them with our readers.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

End Of Summer Swimwear Sale

Who doesn’t love a great sale!?! All Wet Beachwear especially loves swimwear sales and boy do we have a great one for you!

With summer coming to an end now's the perfect time to take advantage of some of our amazing sales.  There’s still time to lay out at the pool and perfect your tan before heading back to school or work. Why not be seen in a brand new stunning string bikini or stylish one-piece, especially when you can get high-end designer styles at a great price.


Right now we have twenty one different styles all on sale. From the simple, yet sexy, Cia Maritima Troy to the oh so elegant Lady Lux Rock of Love two piece featured in the picture above. Not sure which to get for yourself? Right now mixing and matching is the hottest trend.  Why not get both bikinis you’ve been eying and show off how fashionable you are by wearing a top from one and a bottom from the other. 

Here are some bikinis we think look great when mixed and matched:

Despi Garden Lagoon Heart Bandeau and Lenny T-Strap Halter & Thin American Bottom- Marine

Despi Marisa- Music Magenta and Despi Copacabana- Emerald

Lady Lux Sea Side Pin-up Navy and Agua Doce Solids Navy Blue


One-pieces are just as sexy as bikini’s and we think every woman should own at least one. Now’s the perfect time to snatch up a beautiful swimsuit.

We have the Despi J'Adore, RYGY Sport Chiclets swimsuit with grommets, Rygy Desire Wine one-piece with adjustable top and the Rygy Desire Black one-piece adjustable top all on sale. These suits aren’t your ordinary one-pieces, they are elegant, sophisticated and made with the finest fabrics.


As you may have noticed we at All Wet Beachwear are very fond of cover-ups.  Because of this we had to include them in our End-of-Summer Sale. Right now you can get our Vix Jen Green Caftan and Daisy Tunic in white or black on sale.

So what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Swimwear Do's and Don'ts

Looking your best, feeling comfortable and keeping on top of the latest fashions can be difficult to say the least. But don’t worry, All Wet Beachwear is here to help! Here are some Do’s and Don'ts we think every lady should know:

Do wear the right color suit:

Blonds look their best in pastel colors like light pink, lavender and mint green.

Brunettes will also benefit from a beautiful pastel bikini but can, if the mood strikes, wear more vivid colors like red, deep purple and orange.

Black haired beauties should consider rich wintry colors like emerald green, icy blues and luscious pinks.

Redheads do better in blues, browns, and golden yellows.

Still not sure which color suit to get? Black and white generally go with every hair color.

Don’t wear the wrong style suit for your body type:

Bandeau tops may help limit tan lines but should not be worn by busty ladies. These strapless tops can’t support a larger chest leaving the busty woman pulling up her bikini top all day and avoiding those waves.

To enhance a smaller chest try wearing a bikini top with layers of tiered ruffles.  This look will instantly add volume and give the illusion of a fuller chest. Try our Despi Cindy- Etnopop.

Do show your style with the right accessories:

Cover ups are all the rage these days! Whether you’re attending a lavish pool side event or playing around on the beach cover ups take your swimwear style to another level.

Pick the right footwear.  If you can walk across the sand in a pair of stilettos, you deserve a gold medal, but it’s still a Don’t. Instead try one of our elegant sandals or if you want that causal look we suggest the simple flip flop.

What are some of your favorite beach and poolside styles?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Agua Bendita 2011 Swimwear Now Available

We are very excited to announce the addition of designer Agua Bendita to All Wet Beachwear.  The 2011 Agua Bendita collection is now available at and features whimsical patterns, gorgeous fabrics and the finest details.

Never heard of Agua Bendita? This beautiful high end brand was founded in 2003 by Catalina Alvarez and Mariana Hinestroza.  Alvarez and Hinestroza created Agua Bendita to meet the swimwear needs of the modern, sophisticated, man and woman. The Agua Bendita brand combines handmade elements with technological process.  Each piece looks vanguardish as a result of combining vibrant colors and the highest quality materials.

Be one of the first to check out the 2011 Agua Bendita:

Bendita Camping:  This bikini features incredibly beautiful details. The banded halter top is paired with a low rise hipster bottom with Brazilian back coverage. Wavy edges accent both pieces.

Bendita Juego: Looking for delectably sexy string bikini? Then the Bendita Juego was made for you! This multicolored abstract print is simply gorgeous. The triangle top and banded bottom are adorned with couture details and immaculate stitching. The top features rows of beautifully crocheted embellishments and the bottom has wavy edges and crocheting across the top.

Bendita Marina Del Rey: Another gorgeous multicolored bikini! This one is in a bright floral print with beautiful couture details. A Banded halter top paired with a banded bottom will show off your sun kissed skin. Both pieces have smocked bands that create layers of ruffles, stunning embroidery, sequins and contrast edge piping.

Bendita Pavo Real: Check out this stunning multicolored bikini in bright floral print with beautiful couture details. The triangle top is paired with a banded bottom to show off your sexy curves. Both pieces have wavy edge details. Gorgeous!

Bendito Pinto:  You guessed it, a very delectable string bikini in a multicolored abstract print. This triangle top and tie side bottom are adorned with couture details and immaculate stitching. The top features rows of different embellishments. Sexy!

Bendita Realeza: This sexy bikini is sure to turn heads! Featuring a rich multicolored floral print and tri top bottom the Bendita Realeza doesn't cover too much, but supports like a dream. With contrast piping throughout and stunning embroidery this bikini will leave everyone wondering where they can get one of their own. The low rise bottoms have wavy edge detailing and double tie sides.

Bendita Vibracion: Sleek and sexy this bikini is sure to leave an impression! Multicolored floral print and wavy halter top will look stunning at the pool or on the beach. This bikini features delicate embroidery, low rise bottoms and has wavy edge detailing and banded sides.

If you haven't yet watch Behind the Scenes with Agua Bendita check it out at the top of this post!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Honeymoon Prepared: From Swimsuits to Sandals

You’ve just gotten married and are ready to head to the tropics for a much anticipated honeymoon. What do you pack? Keep in mind you will be spending the majority of your days on beautiful white beaches and nights dancing under the stars. Make sure to pack the right clothes, keeping all eyes on the bride.

Most brides spend countless hours prepping to look their best for that one special day.  Don't let months of dieting, working out and grooming go to waste. Make sure to pack some sexy swimwear to show off all that hard work to your new hubby.


Be sure to bring several suits to fit your mood and show your new husband how stylish his bride is.  We suggest bringing at least three suits, a stunning one piece, flirty two piece and of course a sexy two piece as well.

Despi Diamond 1 Piece: This white one-piece double strap halter with dramatic plunging neckline and elegant tie with stone detail is the perfect honeymoon swimwear. Just because it isn’t your wedding day doesn’t mean you aren’t still the blushing bride.

Poko Pano Cabana 2 Piece: The bride should always be simply beautiful and this glamorous, white, solid two piece will assure you are. It has a twisted bandeau top with molded cups for support and ties in the back for a subtly sexy look. The adjustable side bottom features square gold hardware to ad a splash of color.

Paola Robba Vanessa: Every honeymoon requires at least one sexy two piece. Our red, U ring, bandeau top will definitely grab your new husband's eye. Its low rise tanga single tie-side bottom with white rope detail on the left hip adds just a hint of your newly wed status.

Cover Ups

When packing for a tropical honeymoon the focus tends to be on swimsuits but don’t forget to pack at least two cover ups. Cover ups protect you from the sun and can be worn when dining in and outdoors, keeping your look stylish, day and night.

Vix Daisy Tunic: This white plunging v-neck tunic with daisy embroidery on sleeves and bottom is perfect for day time wear on the beach or a quick walk into town.

Hale Bob "Cabana" Blue Silk Chiffon Beaded Tunic Top: Going for a more sexy/sophisticated look? Our Cabana Color Me Pretty Sand-Washed Silk Chiffon long sleeve beaded V neck tunic top is perfect for an evening sipping Mai Tai’s and dancing under the stars.


Now that you’ve packed your suits and cover ups its time to focus on footwear.  Although you will be spending most of your trip barefoot on the beach, don’t forget that the perfect sandal is key to a great look.

Mystique Sandals Silver Beaded Thong: One word sums these sandals up, seductive. Our silver studded thong sandals will sparkle in the sun or under the stars and go beautifully with any party dress or bikini. They feature a 1/2 inch stacked heel with a tan leather sole and comfortable suede lining on the straps. Get ready to dance the night away!

Mystique Sandals White and Gold Sandals: Every tropical honeymooner needs a casual sandal. These white and gold sandals are single toned with a pretty white pearl centerpiece. To give them that seashore feel these sandals are finished with tiny seashells and golden straps.

Now get packing and enjoy your honeymoon!