Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Looking for last minute costume ideas for Halloween? Look no further than AWB we have great ideas for everything you need to put together a great Halloween costume in a hurry. All of of these outfits are built off of bathing suits and swimwear accessories you may already have in your closet. If not click here to shop great pieces that you can use to bring out your in child but can still wear year round.

1.)Get in touch with your wild side in this great animal print one piece. Add a pair of jungle cat ears and a tail and your costume is complete.

2.)Looking to brew up a little fun? Try out our black Virginia dress from Despi. On your way out grab your black hat, broom and cauldron and you will be one sexy looking witch!

3.)Want to have a blast from the past? Check out the Luli Fama's tie dye mermaid glitter dress. This hippy inspiring dress will help you to channel your inner flower power. Add some great sandals, floral head band, and some colorful shades and start feeling the love!

 4.)Looking for something sexy and easy? Try the Luli Fama tulum party strappy bikini. This suit is the perfect staple for a hula dancer costume. Finish this look off with a grass skirt and a lei necklace and your ready to dance.

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Top 10 Best Movie Swimsuits

Here at AWB we are constantly watching the trends and scouring the web for the latest and greatest in what is up and coming in swimwear. We are genuinely surprised by what comes stomping down the runway and the never ending imagination of their designers. It's amazing to see how one individual suit has the ability to stand out in a crowd and leave a mark on the world that lasts forever. With that thought in mind we put together our list of the top 10 best movie swimsuits which will forever have a place in history.

Raquel Welch - One Million Years B.C.
One of the most recognizable bikini images of all time would have to be Raquel Welch in her animal skin bikini in One Million Years BC. The cave man look definitely agrees with her.

Bo Derek - 10
Bo Derek stole the show in this iconic nude one piece bathing suit. This scene as well as this movie helped to seal Bo Derek into history and launch her into stardom.

Brooke Shields - The Blue Lagoon
Getting stranded on a deserted island never looked so good. Brooke Shields makes a torn and tattered bathing suit look fashionably chic.

Phoebe Cates - Fast Times at Ridgemont High
As Phoebe's character climbs from out of the pool, a fantasy was born for many a teenage boy. With her slim build and racy red bikini hearts were beating fast as this slow motion scene began. Just when adolescent boys around the world couldn't imagine anything better she proved them wrong.
Angelina Jolie - Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life
Ever the strong and sultry female, Angelina Jolie leaves us speechless in this simple yet sexy black halter bikini. This cut and style really helps to accentuate her athletic build and is the perfect choice for Lara Croft's busy ass kicking schedule.

Cameron Diaz and Demi Moore - Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle 
This is one of our favorite movie scenes. Not only do they individually look amazing but the full screen shot including both of them in the frame is almost too much to take. It's hard to say who is the true scene stealer here but if we absolutely have to choose, even though we call it a tie, our vote goes to Demi. She is absolutely killing it and proves that age is just a number!

 Halle Berry - James Bond: Die Another Day
As she emerged from the ocean in her itty bitty orange bikini she fully epitomized the essence of a Bond girl. Dangerous and beautiful, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Jessica Alba - Into the Blue
No one would be surprised to hear that Jessica Alba looked good in her bathing suit. But boy were we wrong. You heard us right. She didn't look good, she looked ridiculously amazing! One can only begin to wonder what her work out routine must have been like for the filming of this movie. No matter what it was it certainly paid off because with little coverage in this skimpy bottom it left very little to the imagination. 
Gwyneth Paltrow - The Talented Mr. Ripley
In the Talented Mr. Ripley Gwyneth's character is relaxing in the sun in this adorable high waisted two piece bikini. With ruffled trim and a festive pattern the suit is almost as impressive as her mile long legs.

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Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bikini Outfit of the Day: Glamorous Gunmetal

Our bikini outfit of the day was inspired by this sultry strapless one piece from PilyQ Barcelona. Its gunmetal metallic neoprene fabric is the perfect balance of shine and sophistication. But what we love most of all about this suit is the back! We can't get enough of this sexy cross-cross strap back detailing. As if that wasn't enough the ruched bottom adds a flirty touch to this moderate cut suit.

We paired this inspirational one piece with all of our favorite silver pieces. A lightweight sweater and printed shorts are a fun and easy way to create a polished look. Pair this with some great multicolored grey studs, chrome colored sunglasses and a sleek watch. Lastly finish off the look with a great structured bag and some classic sandals.

Loving all things gunmetal?

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Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To: Transition Your Summer Dresses Into Your Fall Wardrobe

As the temperatures continue to drop and the seasons change, the vibrant red, yellow and orange leaves which just arrived will soon disappear. Just as the seasons transition so do our wardrobes. The time has come that we can no longer put off the inevitable and must embrace this new fall season. Depending on who you ask fall is just the precursor to winter while others enjoy it as a much needed respite from summer's heat when the air is finally cool and crisp and nature has selected new colors for our eyes to see. I definitely view fall closer to the latter. With its arrival I can finally start taking out my boots and warm, comfortable sweaters. The change in temperatures definitely requires me to pull out some of the warmer clothes I had to put away during the spring months.
While others have finished or are starting to pack up all of their favorite summer pieces, I find excitement in figuring out amazing ways to incorporate my favorite dresses throughout the season. My favorite summer dress can easily become my favorite fall dress with the addition of a jacket, scarf, and a great pair of boots. I never let the weather stop me from wearing what I love.  So this fall I urge all of you to stop packing up your summer clothes and try fun new ways to make summer last all year round!

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