Thursday, October 2, 2014

How To: Transition Your Summer Dresses Into Your Fall Wardrobe

As the temperatures continue to drop and the seasons change, the vibrant red, yellow and orange leaves which just arrived will soon disappear. Just as the seasons transition so do our wardrobes. The time has come that we can no longer put off the inevitable and must embrace this new fall season. Depending on who you ask fall is just the precursor to winter while others enjoy it as a much needed respite from summer's heat when the air is finally cool and crisp and nature has selected new colors for our eyes to see. I definitely view fall closer to the latter. With its arrival I can finally start taking out my boots and warm, comfortable sweaters. The change in temperatures definitely requires me to pull out some of the warmer clothes I had to put away during the spring months.
While others have finished or are starting to pack up all of their favorite summer pieces, I find excitement in figuring out amazing ways to incorporate my favorite dresses throughout the season. My favorite summer dress can easily become my favorite fall dress with the addition of a jacket, scarf, and a great pair of boots. I never let the weather stop me from wearing what I love.  So this fall I urge all of you to stop packing up your summer clothes and try fun new ways to make summer last all year round!

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