Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Looking for last minute costume ideas for Halloween? Look no further than AWB we have great ideas for everything you need to put together a great Halloween costume in a hurry. All of of these outfits are built off of bathing suits and swimwear accessories you may already have in your closet. If not click here to shop great pieces that you can use to bring out your in child but can still wear year round.

1.)Get in touch with your wild side in this great animal print one piece. Add a pair of jungle cat ears and a tail and your costume is complete.

2.)Looking to brew up a little fun? Try out our black Virginia dress from Despi. On your way out grab your black hat, broom and cauldron and you will be one sexy looking witch!

3.)Want to have a blast from the past? Check out the Luli Fama's tie dye mermaid glitter dress. This hippy inspiring dress will help you to channel your inner flower power. Add some great sandals, floral head band, and some colorful shades and start feeling the love!

 4.)Looking for something sexy and easy? Try the Luli Fama tulum party strappy bikini. This suit is the perfect staple for a hula dancer costume. Finish this look off with a grass skirt and a lei necklace and your ready to dance.

Shop these great looks and more HERE

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