Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secrets to Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

All Wet Beachwear founder Racquel Black said it today, "Bikini season is here!" And it is true this is the time of year when we are all looking for the perfect bikini for the summer. Finding your next bikini doesn't have to have to be daunting or depressing. We go to the beach or fun and relaxation so that should be the goal as we search for swimwear.

Here are some expert tips for finding a well-fitting swimsuit:

- Think of your most flattering bras and underwear. Are the tops padded? Do they have extra support? Do you prefer a boy cut bottom or one with a high cut leg? Think of your favorite lingerie and then look for those elements in your future swimsuit.

- Highlight your assets. Don't obsess about the features of your body you want to change, instead focus the attention on your most attractive features. Pair a printed or embellished top with a dark colored bottom to draw the eyes up away from the hips and thighs. Try a one piece with a deep V to show off your bust instead of your tummy. 

Cia Maritima Peacock Padded Bandeau
- Use luxury detailing like beading, metal links, ruffles, and ruching strategically. Beading and metal details add a jewelry element to your swimsuit and achieves a glamorous look without having to accessorize. Ruffles add dimension to whatever area they are placed. A triangle top or bandeau with ruffle details on the cups will give the illusion of a fuller bust. Ruching is a girl's best friend. It can give you curves, it can slim you down, its fashionable and it is suitable for a range of ages and body types. 

Hermanny Satina Mikonos One Piece in Indigo

- Don't be afraid to bare a little skin. Swaddling yourself in layers of Lycra adds visual weigh to your silhouette and obscures your natural shape. Dare to try a one piece or bikini that is a little smaller than you typically wear. It may feel a little skimpy at first but you might be surprised to discover that once the initial shock wears off, it is actually quite flattering. 

Vix Noelle Bia

- Nurture your confidence. Ultimately we look our best when we feel our best.  Find a swimsuit that you feel comfortable in and wear it with confidence. We are often our own worst critics so make a conscious effort to be nice to yourself. Your friends on the beach are not going to notice that bulge or this stretch mark, so why let it make you miserable? Feel beautiful, you are, and have fun!

We have over 200 styles of swimwear on All Wet Beachwear, browse our collection and find your future favorite swimsuit. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Top Spring Swimwear Trends

There are plenty of swimsuits to fall in love with this Spring. Here are a few of our favorite trends for this season. 

Fringe - The fringe bandeaus by L*Space are great option for a woman who likes to incorporate fashion into her swimwear. What is best is that they help accentuate a small bust. 

Tie Die - Ikat and Watercolor inspired tie die prints make a care-free spring statement.
Vix Ikat Tube Top and Bottom 

Tropical Prints - Coming out of such a chilly winter we are all dreaming of tropical escapes, naturally we are drawn to botanical patterns done in bright colors.
Luli Fama Copa Cabana Halter Top and Scrunch Side Bottom

Sexy Neutrals - Flattering cuts in nudes and browns blend with the skin tone creating a sultry, sizzling effect.
Despi Copacabana Cola

Shop the trends at All Wet Beachwear.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Common Swimwear Misconceptions and Myths Exposed

Buying a swimsuit can be a daunting process but it doesn't have to be. We hear a number of myths and misconceptions come up in the dressing room. We decided to expose a few of the biggest illusions and set the record straight.

Myth: "With a bra size D, I can never find a fashionable swimsuit that has the support I need."

There are beautiful swimsuits with proper coverage for all sizes. There are several companies that even make a triangle top that adjusts to fit up to a D cup, the Hermanny Satina Minkonos One Piece for example.

Myth: "I am in great shape but I need a full coverage bikini bottom to cover my derriere."

Covering your backside in fabric is only going to make it look bigger! If you have a well-toned bum opt for a moderate to skimpy coverage bikini. It may feel a little mischievous at first but you will soon get used to it. If you have nice shape a minimal coverage bikini bottom will look more fashionable and more appealing.

Luli Fama Sabrosura Berry Darling

Myth: "I love white bikinis but I am afraid it will turn sheer when wet."

Designer bikinis are made with the highest quality fabrics and are fully lined. So not to worry, they will not become transparent when wet.  White swimsuits come in a variety of styles from simple classic white swimsuits like the Vix Solid White Twisted Bandeau and Monaco Bottom to the very glam Beach Bunny Kourtney SS Calypso White Bikini. Everyone should have atleast 1 white swimsuit in thier swimwear wardrobe.

Myth: "Bandeau bikinis will flatten my small bust."

A well chosen bandeau can accentuate a small bust. Look for bandeau's with soft foam cups and with design details like texture, fringe and ruffles that add dimension and create the illusion of fullness.

Despi Marilyn Mare Bandeau Bikini

Myth: "Elaborate hardware will tarnish in the water."

Designers like Vix, Despi, Poko Pano and L*Space have been in business for years and even decades. They have build a faithful following by providing a level of high quality and craftsmanship. Their quality control practices ensure that the products that come to market are made to love and last.

Myth: "Now that I am older, I can't wear sexy swimwear like I used to."

There are sexy swimsuits for every age. A cut-out monokini in a chic solid color or a bikini with luxurious gold or silver detail will look fabulous and appropriate on women of all ages. 

L*Space Stardust Fringe One Piece Nude

Myth: "I've seen it all."

Designers are pushing the limits of swimwear design with strategic cut outs, hand-beading and embroidery, and sophisticated prints. All Wet Beachwear is constantly updating our stock of swimwear. Check our new arrivals page year-round for the latest designs.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Break All the Rules this Spring Break, Just Don't Forget to Pack these Essentials

Spring Break season is upon us. If you have not prepared your get-away wardrobe, NOW is the time.

Anything can happen during a Spring Break trip so pack accordingly. Here is our list of getaway must-takes:

Despi Lolita Kiss

Be a beach babe in an itsy-bitsy bikini or a sexy cut out one piece. Pack at least 3 swimsuits because you will be wearing them everyday, you don't want to get bored and switching swimsuits will give you better tan lines. It is also a great idea to bring a variety of styles: a classic swimsuit and a flirty, fun swimsuit so you can dress to suit your mood. You should also bring at least one glam, dramatic bikini so you are prepared for a beach or pool party.

Cute Cover-ups
Hale Bob Red Beaded V-Neck Tunic

The fabulous thing about Spring Break is that there are some days you don't even need to dress, you can go from poolside to dinner by simply slipping on a chic cover-up. Pack one or two cute cover-ups to wear while you are away from the water.

Sizzling Shades
RYGY Sunglasses

Bring your favorite pair of sunglasses. If you are coming from a cooler climate and in the midst of a gloomy winter you may have forgotten how bright the beautiful sun can be. Don't forget to pack those shades to protect your eyes.

Beach Ready Sandals
Mystique Silver Beaded Thong

A jeweled flat sandal can be rocked on the beach as well as the street and adds oomph to any outfit.


We all love a golden tan but NO ONE likes a sunburn and its just not healthy. Don't skimp on sunblock.  Even if you are dying to tan fast, it never turns out pretty.

Easy Daywear
LSpace Rucci Pant Jumper

If you must come out of that bikini make sure you have some comfortable outfits to wear about during the day. You are on vacation so take advantage and keep it casual.

Knockout dresses for the night
Sofia By Vix Ruffle Dress

No Spring Break is complete without ample partying!!! Pack your most fun mini-dresses, flowy maxi dresses and sexy heels. Don't be afraid to expose a little skin and show off that tan.

We hope your Spring Break is full of major memories. We have 250+ sexy swimsuits on All Wet Beachwear. Browse our website and we know you will find a knockout swimsuit for Spring Break 2011.