Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Common Swimwear Misconceptions and Myths Exposed

Buying a swimsuit can be a daunting process but it doesn't have to be. We hear a number of myths and misconceptions come up in the dressing room. We decided to expose a few of the biggest illusions and set the record straight.

Myth: "With a bra size D, I can never find a fashionable swimsuit that has the support I need."

There are beautiful swimsuits with proper coverage for all sizes. There are several companies that even make a triangle top that adjusts to fit up to a D cup, the Hermanny Satina Minkonos One Piece for example.

Myth: "I am in great shape but I need a full coverage bikini bottom to cover my derriere."

Covering your backside in fabric is only going to make it look bigger! If you have a well-toned bum opt for a moderate to skimpy coverage bikini. It may feel a little mischievous at first but you will soon get used to it. If you have nice shape a minimal coverage bikini bottom will look more fashionable and more appealing.

Luli Fama Sabrosura Berry Darling

Myth: "I love white bikinis but I am afraid it will turn sheer when wet."

Designer bikinis are made with the highest quality fabrics and are fully lined. So not to worry, they will not become transparent when wet.  White swimsuits come in a variety of styles from simple classic white swimsuits like the Vix Solid White Twisted Bandeau and Monaco Bottom to the very glam Beach Bunny Kourtney SS Calypso White Bikini. Everyone should have atleast 1 white swimsuit in thier swimwear wardrobe.

Myth: "Bandeau bikinis will flatten my small bust."

A well chosen bandeau can accentuate a small bust. Look for bandeau's with soft foam cups and with design details like texture, fringe and ruffles that add dimension and create the illusion of fullness.

Despi Marilyn Mare Bandeau Bikini

Myth: "Elaborate hardware will tarnish in the water."

Designers like Vix, Despi, Poko Pano and L*Space have been in business for years and even decades. They have build a faithful following by providing a level of high quality and craftsmanship. Their quality control practices ensure that the products that come to market are made to love and last.

Myth: "Now that I am older, I can't wear sexy swimwear like I used to."

There are sexy swimsuits for every age. A cut-out monokini in a chic solid color or a bikini with luxurious gold or silver detail will look fabulous and appropriate on women of all ages. 

L*Space Stardust Fringe One Piece Nude

Myth: "I've seen it all."

Designers are pushing the limits of swimwear design with strategic cut outs, hand-beading and embroidery, and sophisticated prints. All Wet Beachwear is constantly updating our stock of swimwear. Check our new arrivals page year-round for the latest designs.

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  1. Those design of swim suite and under ware ar really gorgeous it was like Genie bra a very comfortable bra that you can use every time you want