Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Secrets to Finding the Perfect Swimsuit

All Wet Beachwear founder Racquel Black said it today, "Bikini season is here!" And it is true this is the time of year when we are all looking for the perfect bikini for the summer. Finding your next bikini doesn't have to have to be daunting or depressing. We go to the beach or fun and relaxation so that should be the goal as we search for swimwear.

Here are some expert tips for finding a well-fitting swimsuit:

- Think of your most flattering bras and underwear. Are the tops padded? Do they have extra support? Do you prefer a boy cut bottom or one with a high cut leg? Think of your favorite lingerie and then look for those elements in your future swimsuit.

- Highlight your assets. Don't obsess about the features of your body you want to change, instead focus the attention on your most attractive features. Pair a printed or embellished top with a dark colored bottom to draw the eyes up away from the hips and thighs. Try a one piece with a deep V to show off your bust instead of your tummy. 

Cia Maritima Peacock Padded Bandeau
- Use luxury detailing like beading, metal links, ruffles, and ruching strategically. Beading and metal details add a jewelry element to your swimsuit and achieves a glamorous look without having to accessorize. Ruffles add dimension to whatever area they are placed. A triangle top or bandeau with ruffle details on the cups will give the illusion of a fuller bust. Ruching is a girl's best friend. It can give you curves, it can slim you down, its fashionable and it is suitable for a range of ages and body types. 

Hermanny Satina Mikonos One Piece in Indigo

- Don't be afraid to bare a little skin. Swaddling yourself in layers of Lycra adds visual weigh to your silhouette and obscures your natural shape. Dare to try a one piece or bikini that is a little smaller than you typically wear. It may feel a little skimpy at first but you might be surprised to discover that once the initial shock wears off, it is actually quite flattering. 

Vix Noelle Bia

- Nurture your confidence. Ultimately we look our best when we feel our best.  Find a swimsuit that you feel comfortable in and wear it with confidence. We are often our own worst critics so make a conscious effort to be nice to yourself. Your friends on the beach are not going to notice that bulge or this stretch mark, so why let it make you miserable? Feel beautiful, you are, and have fun!

We have over 200 styles of swimwear on All Wet Beachwear, browse our collection and find your future favorite swimsuit. 

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