Wednesday, January 4, 2017

The Seasons Must Have Silhouette!

The Season Must Have Silhouette: Say YES to Wearing Off-the-Shoulder Tops or Strapless Swimwear. The shoulder-baring look has officially crossed the clavicle to go from trend of the moment to wardrobe mainstay. 

Here’s everything you need to know to master this seasons must-have. 

Freeing those shoulders means introducing a few new steps to your regimen:

Go for the glow with a dusting bronzer over your collarbone to play up beachy, off-the-shoulder styles for day, or sweep on a superfine, shimmery highlighter after the sun sets to embody all-out evening/ boardwalk glam.

Apply—and reapply!—sunscreen to exposed shoulders to avoid the fashion-girl take on the dreaded farmer’s tan, but skip body lotions and oils that can cause your strapless bra or swimwear to slide down.

With a silhouette this statement-making, bold accessories help balance out your major look-at-me moment! Don't be understated this time—go big or go home with earrings like oversized hoops, colorful dusters that frame the face while teasingly sweeping bare shoulders.

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