Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Want swimwear from the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2011? AWB carries the designers

Sports Illustrated is a men's magazine no doubt but that doesn't keep fashionistas from collecting the Swimsuit Issue each year. The Swimsuit Issue attracts a dream team of the industry's top editors, stylists and models. They have access to the very best swimwear and cover-ups from all over the world so every Swimsuit Issue is the ultimate collection of the best in international swimwear.

We were very happy to see that the pages of this year's SI Swimsuit Issue are filled with AWB designers. The editors at SI Swim love our brands including Beach Bunny, L*Space, Agua Bendita, Despi, Poko Pano and Cia Maritima. We counted 5 supermodels in the magazine sporting Luli Fama alone: Jessica White, Genevieve Morton, Cintia Dicker, Isabel Goulart and actress Brooklyn Decker.

It was a beautiful issue full of very feminine, flirty pieces like the L*Space Cleopatra Bikini pictured above, a style that we are proud to carry, find it here. It wouldn't be an SI Swimsuit Issue without ultra-sexy, barely-there bikinis. Statement swimsuits with skimpy coverage and luxurious details like the Beach Bunny Kourtney Calypso Bikini, made this issue one of the hottest yet. Check out our Facebook album of all our favorite shots from the 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue here.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Big News! AWB Opens a Showroom in Kingston, Jamaica

We would like to welcome you to our new showroom in Kingston, Jamaica. We think you will love it! We have created a little swimwear heaven at 84 Lady Musgrave Road. Our showroom has 2 spacious changing rooms, great light, plenty of mirrors and the best part... new merchandise! We have stocked our sparking new drawers and shelves with new swimwear and cover-ups for you to see and try. Call us now, 876-371-1649, and book an appointment. Also take a moment and sign up for our All Wet Beachwear Swim Rewards program by clicking here. Now with every AWB purchase, you can earn points towards free merchandise.

Happy Shopping!

PS. Our showroom is on Foursquare so don't forget to check in when you arrive.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Designer Swimwear

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When we talk to friends and loved ones about our designer swimwear obsession they seem puzzled by our loyalty to certain brands. They wonder, "Is it really worth it?" We answer with an emphatic YES. There are many reasons why it makes good sense to splurge on a fabulous designer swimsuit. Here are 10 biggies.  

  1. Designer swimwear is made from quality materials. Each brand achieved a level or notoriety thanks to in-house quality control practices to create the best possible product. They use chlorine resistant fabrics that will not sag or become transparent when wet.   
  2. Designer swimwear has celebrity worthy designs. Kim Kardashian rocks Beach Bunny. Halle Berry chooses Cia Maritima. Megan Fox and Selma Hayek wear Vix. 
  3. These swimsuits don't bulge or pucker, they are expertly crafted for the best fit possible. 
  4. Designer swimwear is created by designers who have been perfecting the art of swimwear for years and sometimes decades. They have learned the tips and tricks for creating a suit that holds and lifts in all the right places, instantly adding cleavage, oomph and sex appeal to any figure. 
  5. Designers come out with new collections every season, made for the runway. They apply the same creative process as the RTW designers. They are pushing the limits of creative swim fashion. 
  6. The hardware and embellishments on designer swimwear is durable and doesn't tarnish. 
  7. It is exclusive. You will not see designer pieces up and down the beach. They are for discerning women and educated shoppers.  
  8. Putting on a designer swimsuit makes you feel like a beach goddess. It is better to splurge on 1 beautiful swimsuit that you adore rather than buy a few that are just OK.
  9. Because you know and love your designers! Whether you're a Luli girl or a Vix vixen sometimes a designer just speaks to you or fits your body and personality just right. 
  10. Designer swimwear is made to last. If you follow care instructions your swimsuit can be a part of your beachwear wardrobe for years to come.
Check out all the beautiful new arrivals pictured above in our new arrivals section here. Do not hesitate to contact us at info@allwetbeachwear.com for the assistance of a personal shopper.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

How to shop for swimwear online

There is one item of clothing that strikes fear into the hearts of women: the swimsuit. Pinching Lycra, unflattering styles, the propensity for wedgies and wardrobe malfunctions, it is a never-ending struggle to find the right one. But thanks to the Internet we have more choices than ever. You can find high quality swimwear in numerous styles and cuts from all over the world with just the click of a mouse. 

     Luli Fama Bikini                        L*Space Sunkissed Bandeau

Online we all have access to beautiful swimsuits at the best price yet some shoppers have yet to buy for swimwear from the web.  Despite the convenience and options the Internet brings they continue to shop for beachwear at the mall, they say the need to try the products in person. What they don’t realize is that the best place to try on swimwear is in the comfort of your own home. 

Avoiding the dressing room
There is nothing more unflattering and unnatural than the harsh florescent lights of a department store dressing room. Bad lighting can send even women with the slimmest figures home with a serious case of the blahs. You will have better results at home, trying your swimwear on under more natural lighting and in front of the mirrors you trust. 

Time to decide
Rather than cramming your bikini buying into one short visit to the mall, keep the piece for a day. If you try on your swimwear in the AM before breakfast vs. PM after dinner, you might see a different result.

Year-round Availability
Online stores can bring you the most up-to-date styles year round. Swimwear has a limited shelf life in retail stores and is typically on the racks from just before Spring Break until mid-summer. So if you have booked a winter cruise your best bet is to find your cruise and resort wear online.

You can always try several different styles and return the ones you don’t want. You can ask your hubby which is his favorite. It will be a lot easier to walk in front of the TV in your bikini to get his feedback than it is to drag him to the mall for an opinion (and as an added bonus it could set off some fireworks :-).

On websites like All Wet Beachwear you can see multiple views of the products and access sizing charts to get measurements of the pieces.  In designer brands such as Vix, L*Space and Beach Bunny, swimwear tops typically coordinate with bra size, 32A - 34A is a small, 34 - 36B is usually a medium and 32D - 34C large. Smaller busts can benefit from ruffles and other details that add dimension. Fuller busts require more support, underwire tops or those with adjustable cups work best. Likewise bottoms match with pant size, sizes 0 - 2 take an XS, sizes 2 - 4 take a medium and 6 - 8 take a large. String bottoms are genius because you can adjust the waist using the tie sides. Especially curvy bottoms look great in hipster cuts and boy shorts.

Shopping for swimwear online can be summed up in an easy 3 step process. Step 1, get an idea of fit and narrow down your favorites. Two, once you find one you love, order it and try in the comfort of your own home, avoiding the panic-inducing department store dressing room. 
And three, enlist family and friends for feedback and find the swimsuit you feel your best in.  If you need an expert’s help in your selection, contact AWB customer service for assistance from a personal shopper.