Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our Black Friday Sale begins Friday 12am. Enjoy big discounts all weekend long

Make AWB to your first stop on Black Friday. Shop online and enjoy big discounts starting at 12 am early Friday morning. Plus this year we are extending the sale all weekend long and through Cyber Monday but shop early because quantities are limited.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Elle Brazil October 2012

More Iza! Izabel Goulart, the model featured in the current Cia.Maritima campaign that we shared last week, has a vibrant editorial in the current issue of Elle Brazil. Two standout pieces in the editorial include a strappy yellow and leopard monokini from Cia.Maritima 2013 collection and a futuristic crop top with fringe lined arms by Brazilian designer Triya. We were equally pleased to see the addition of so many toned male models lol. What is not to like? 

Saturday, November 10, 2012

5 Beauty Products to try on your next Beach Getaway

If you have already booked a vacation or will very soon, you may want to try these beach beauty tricks. These products will have you glowing and gorgeous on your cruise or at the resort. Here are the 5 beauty products you shouldn't leave home without. 

1. Cream Highlighter

Beach beauty is all about glow. A cream luminizer in a light champagne or pale gold color will emphasize the natural shimmering highlights of glowing skin.

How to use: Tap the cream with your finger and blend into the brow bone, inner eye corner, cheek bone and cupid's bow.

Extra tip: Swiping the highlighting cream along the collar bones and down the center of the legs will give your body some gleam as well.

2. Body Oil

How to use: Body Oil is great to apply if you will be photographing yourself on the beach. It will give your body that sultry, sexy look that we are accustomed to seeing in swimwear photography.

How to use: Be sure to use a body oil with SPF to prevent sun damage.

Extra tip: Post-beach, oiling your legs is a great way to show them off. Just be careful when wearing silks or other delicate fabrics because the oil could stain.

3. Salt Spray

Salt sprays have been a big trend in hair stylist for several years now. They give your locks that tossled, surfer girl look that is perfectly disshelved.

How to use: Apply to clean or dirty hair spritz through the strands and style with the fingers. It is a super easy way to get sexy style with minimal effort.

Extra tip: You can also use salt spray for volume. Apply the spray at the crown, dry and then back comb. The salt spray will give your root the texture to hold the lift from the teasing. 

4. Hair Oil

Luscious shine makes hair look healthy and polished.

How to use: Apply to wet or dry hair. Drop a dime sized amount of hair oil in the palm, rub hands together then comb lightly through the hair starting at the ends and working towards the crown.

Extra tip: Hair oil actually provides a barrier between your hair and UV rays so it can protect it from the sun!

5. Salt Scrub

After a long day at the beach, refresh your skin and spirits with a salt scrub.

How to use: Gently rub into the skin in the shower. Take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful perfumes in the blend.

Extra tip: The oils in the scrub will help replace the moisture depleted by the sun and swimming for a silky supple feel.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Inspiration: The Cia Maritima 2013 Campaign

Cia Maritima released the images for their 2013 campaign featuring former VS angel Izabel Goulart. Cia always presents itself as a very fashion-forward swimwear brand this campaign is no exception. Model Iza Goulart is a toned, bronzed, and statuesque against several exotic backdrops filled with blue waters and other natural elements. This is one of the best campaigns we have seen for 2013 and has us ready to book a trip somewhere lush and sunny with a bag of Cia Maritima beachwear in tow. We hope you are inspired too!