Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Many Bikinis of Rihanna

Rihanna was born and raised in Barbados, but has been entertaining the world with her chart topping music for years.  She is known almost as much for her songs as she is for constantly reinventing herself and her style. Traveling the world has never stopped Rihanna from enjoying her time in the sun. Whether she is in Hawaii, France, Mexico or even her home country of Barbados, RiRi is a sun worshiping goddess who has no shortage of awe inspiring suits in her closet. One of my favorite looks that she dons is the one piece monokini! She is one of those rare people who could wear a potato sack and still look gorgeous. So imagine the damage she can do in one of these to die for one piece suits.

The common misconception is that if someone is wearing a one piece that they are probably trying to hide some of their imperfections. As the world can attest, this couldn't be further from the truth when it comes to Rihanna. While the one piece can lend itself to a more modest style, with today's wide variety of styles there is a one piece monokini for all personalities. In every magazine on the shelf the pages are littered with celebrities and their amazing bikinis. Leave it to Rihanna to go against the grain and remind the world that being your own person and trying something different truly helps one "shine bright like a diamond".



To get Rihanna's look check out these styles and more HERE!

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