Wednesday, April 23, 2014

A Perfect Pairing: AWB + Ciate London

 Everyone loves a perfect pairing, peanut butter and jelly, wine and cheese, or even Angelina and Brad. Well we are excited to introduce our newest pairing that might just become one of the greats. The moment that we have been waiting for has arrived, All Wet Beachwear and Ciate London. Nothing goes together better than a great nail polish with your favorite little bikini!

Ciate London, pronounced see-are-tey, was founded by Charlotte Knight and became famous the world over for their stunning caviar manicures. They have redefined and redesigned everything about your traditional nail polish. Starting from the inside out, they have amazing rich and vibrant pigmented colors that last. It has also been formulated for easy application and provides a smooth and even finish. The brush itself is a 250 bristle flat brush design with a long handle to provide the best strokes each time. The uniquely shaped bottle has an ergonomic design that sits better in your hand and allows for maximum control while applying. No present, even to yourself, would be complete without a small black satin bow.

The current collection is filled with so many unique colors you will have no problem finding the perfect shade to match all of your swimwear. Ciate London offers bright and bold, pretty and pastels, dark and dangerous, and I can't forget sparkles in every color! With so many option to choose from it's nearly impossible to pick just one. In addition to their nail polishes Ciate also offers manicure sets as well.  Cavier, neon glow in the dark, and flower manicures are other great ways to let your creative side run wild. Did I mention how delicious their nail polish removers smell??? I know what you're thinking, perhaps I shouldn't be sniffing nail polish remover. Perhaps you are right, but yet another great benefit about this brand is that the remover is acetone free! So as I was saying the Chocolate scented nail polish removers smells dangerously good!

As with everything we sell here at AWB we had to check out the product first hand and we are definitely pleased by the results. With spring finally here what better way to test our newest product and prepare for our bikini filled weekend ahead by painting our nails in one of their bright and rich colors. The results were amazing. The color is saturated and really holds up well over the course of the week. This color is going to be just the pop I am looking for to pair with our new Raja Embroidery Bandeau Bikini.

So while your picking out your next killer bikini check out Ciate London nail polish for the perfect finishing touch!

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