Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Top 10 Reasons to Buy Designer Swimwear

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When we talk to friends and loved ones about our designer swimwear obsession they seem puzzled by our loyalty to certain brands. They wonder, "Is it really worth it?" We answer with an emphatic YES. There are many reasons why it makes good sense to splurge on a fabulous designer swimsuit. Here are 10 biggies.  

  1. Designer swimwear is made from quality materials. Each brand achieved a level or notoriety thanks to in-house quality control practices to create the best possible product. They use chlorine resistant fabrics that will not sag or become transparent when wet.   
  2. Designer swimwear has celebrity worthy designs. Kim Kardashian rocks Beach Bunny. Halle Berry chooses Cia Maritima. Megan Fox and Selma Hayek wear Vix. 
  3. These swimsuits don't bulge or pucker, they are expertly crafted for the best fit possible. 
  4. Designer swimwear is created by designers who have been perfecting the art of swimwear for years and sometimes decades. They have learned the tips and tricks for creating a suit that holds and lifts in all the right places, instantly adding cleavage, oomph and sex appeal to any figure. 
  5. Designers come out with new collections every season, made for the runway. They apply the same creative process as the RTW designers. They are pushing the limits of creative swim fashion. 
  6. The hardware and embellishments on designer swimwear is durable and doesn't tarnish. 
  7. It is exclusive. You will not see designer pieces up and down the beach. They are for discerning women and educated shoppers.  
  8. Putting on a designer swimsuit makes you feel like a beach goddess. It is better to splurge on 1 beautiful swimsuit that you adore rather than buy a few that are just OK.
  9. Because you know and love your designers! Whether you're a Luli girl or a Vix vixen sometimes a designer just speaks to you or fits your body and personality just right. 
  10. Designer swimwear is made to last. If you follow care instructions your swimsuit can be a part of your beachwear wardrobe for years to come.
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