Friday, August 27, 2010

Swimsuit Fashion Throughout History:

As you may have guessed, All Wet Beachwear loves everything about swimwear fashion.  Whether bikinis, one pieces or cover ups we love it all! Therefore, we decided to dedicate this blog post to the history of swimsuit fashion. From the days when swimwear fashion consisted of your birthday suit to present day celebrity lines this post exposes it all.

Back in classical antiquity there was no such thing as swimwear fashion. Men and women bathed in the nude.  It was only in the 18th century when people started covering their bodies when swimming.  In fact, the swimsuit was created for the purpose of hiding the human body.  It was thought to be immoral to show ones body and thus the swimsuit was born.

In the 19th century public bathing started to become more popular. The 19th century swimwear fashion was nothing like today's.  Women wearing 19th century swimsuits were covered, almost entirely. These swimsuits were usually made of wool and resembled a gown covering the body from a woman’s shoulders down to her knees. In addition, they included a set of trousers with leggings.

Bikini’s began to be introduced just after World War II.  Interestingly enough, bikinis were named after the site of nuclear weapons testing, Bikini Atoll, because they had an “explosive effect”. The early two piece suits were not the sexy ones we know today, instead they covered much more of the body.  It wasn’t until the “60’s that bikini’s began to become known as sexy, revealing swimwear.

In 2010 swimwear is oh so popular. Celebrities to the ever day average girls spend hours picking out just the right suit.  There are countless designers and styles to pick from and covering up the body generally isn’t the goal. And, the very sexy Monokini has found its way into the closets of some of the most stylish women.

What will the next biggest swimwear fashion be?

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