Sunday, September 26, 2010

Beach Essentials Part I

When it comes to hitting the beach or pool, we like to consider ourselves seasoned pros at All Wet Beachwear! We have perfected our personal beach babe styles and can efficiently pack a beach bag in mere minutes for ourselves or our clients. With summer winding down in certain parts of the world, this is the last chance you’re going to get to soak up the sun! So while you may have already stocked up on the perfect bikini and a roomy beach bag, you’re still lacking major essentials like a cover-up, shades, and sandals! Even if you’re a no muss no fuss type of gal, you obviously still need flip flops, right?
We personally think the most important accessory is the cover-up; you can easily feel super chic even if you’re barefoot without any makeup on! One of our go-to beach tips is keeping a summer scarf in our beach bags if we decide to go for a quick stroll and don’t want to throw on my cover-up just tie the scarf around your waist like a sarong! When it comes to cover-ups, fun prints and over-sized shirts seem to be really popular this season, and don’t fret about mixing patterns it’s one of the hottest trends, especially on the beach (just make sure the colors compliment each other). If you want to accentuate your waist, simply add a rope belt that you can tie on. Since it’s a cover-up, you can go for a low neckline or opt for something super revealing, as long as you’re comfortable!

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