Sunday, August 3, 2014

Trend Alert: High Neck Detailing

One of the freshest trends coming down the runway right now is neck detailing. We are used to seeing all this amazing work being put on to the back but this is the first year with a big push by many designers onto the front. The most popular of all seemed to be lattice work. With intricate patterns and designs being artfully created each piece stands out from the rest. There has been no shortage of inspiration when it comes to this new way to cover up the neckline. Are you loving this trend as much as we are?

No matter your mood or your style, with so many great options to choose from there is sure to be a suit for you!

My personal favorite from this year is this Luli Fama suit which features the neckline detailing and can be worn 2  different ways as shown above. This provides the perfect combination of style and functionality. Simply untie the top, fold over and tie around the back for strapless tanning in a flash.  This modified version of the suit looks just as good as the original by adding more dimension to this now bandeau top. Who doesn't love a suit with options.

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