Sunday, August 10, 2014

Bikini Outfit of the Day: Surf's Up:

I hate to even say it out loud but the end of summer is coming all too soon. With that thought lingering in the back of our minds there is no time left to waste. If you haven't already tried one of the many water activities that make summer great, such as surfing, kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, or snorkeling, it's not too late. Get out there and try any/all of these amazing ways to spend the day in the water. They are all great ways to explore, exercise and enjoy a bit of adventure.

Most of these activities range from mild to incredibly active so finding the proper suit is important. We always like to find the perfect balance between functional and fashionable when it comes to swimwear. With so many great brands creating their own line of active swimwear finding the right suit for you has never been easier. For our bikini outfit of the day we've selected a bikini and rash guard from Luli Fama's 2015 collection. The rash guard is functional and provides coverage from the sun. The mesh inserts in contrasting colors really help to make this garment pop. Paired with full coverage hipster bottoms which are great for staying in place while in motion. The same mesh inserts can be found on the bottoms which give a sexy touch to a simple design. We paired our outfit with classic staples for anyone out and about in the water. An easy, carefree backpack is a great way to carry all of your necessities including sunscreen, water and a change of clothes. The black board shorts work great with the mint and black rash guard and have a pop of color in the drawstring. We finished off the look with classic flip flops, waterproof watch, sport sunglasses, and a woven bracelet.

Now that we have all of our supplies it's time to hit the water!

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