Friday, July 10, 2009

The Start 1997

My love of swimwear began in the summer of 1997 when hanging out on the beach with friends in Jamaica, several girls complimented me on my pink and black checkered swimsuit. They proceeded to ask where did you get it, could you get me one similar? I said yes very light hardly, exchanged telephone numbers and never really thought much of it after wards. Within a couple days the girls called me and said don't forget to get us some swimsuits when you return to Miami.
Upon my return to Miami, I bought 6 swimsuits that I fell in love with and sent them to Kingston for the girls, I charged them roughly $20 above the purchase price and all 6 were sold within 2 days of arrival. So for the rest of the summer I would purchase more swimsuits in small manageable quantities with the main goal that if not sold I could keep them and wear them all. I got more joy in purchasing the swimsuits than actually making a profit. I was obsessed with the colors and styles, my love for swimsuits seemed weird but I couldn't have too many in my collection. I have heard of shoes and handbag additions (guilty), but I maybe the 1st to admit I have a swimsuit addiction...

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