Sunday, July 13, 2014

Supermodels & String Bikinis!

With summer in full swing there is nothing better than spending these hot summer months relaxing on the beach. Whether you are traveling to exotic locations or sticking closer to home swimwear is an essential part of summer time fun. One of our personal favorites and one of the most popular styles of bikinis is the string bikini. This fun and classic style is the standby for so many women because it is a universally flattering cut. Supermodels Adriana Lima, Cara Delevingne, Gisele Bundchen, and Miranda Kerr arguably have some of the most coveted bodies on the planet.  And despite being able to wear anything, including a brown bag, and still look good these lovely ladies stick with the string bikini for their time in the sun.

This style works for all body shapes which makes it a go to for so many women. If you are an hourglass look for a string bikini that offers enough coverage and provides extra support for a larger chest. Stick to matching colors or prints to keep your hourglass shape proportionate. Pears should look to create even proportions. Have fun with color and prints on the top but look to solid colors for the bottom. By doing this you are drawing the eye up to your chest and minimizing your bottom. Apples, similar to hourglass, want to look for tops that provide enough coverage and support in solid and dark colors for their larger chest. Since apples tend to have smaller lower halves look for bottoms that draw attention to this area. Reach for bright colors and fun patterns. Are you more of a rectangle? Try to build curves with suits that have ruffles, or fringe detailing. These eye catching extras help to create a more hourglass shape by drawing attention to the chest and bottom.

With so many great options it is no surprise that the string bikini stands out above the rest!

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