Thursday, July 3, 2014

It's a 4th of July Celebration!

What better way to celebrate our independence this 4th of July than by spending time with friends and family. The 4th is the quintessential summer time holiday. As one of the Senior Editors here at AWB I am more than excited to be heading off to the lake to celebrate. There is nothing more classic than celebrating the holiday floating in a lake, barbecuing, having a few beers, and enjoying some fireworks.

But like all of our editors I am constantly plagued by the thought that I will get there only to find out that I forgot to pack one of my essential items. So this year I created a checklist to ensure that my vacation goes off without a hitch. I plan to spend every moment I can hanging out in the sun, which makes light weight essentials that easily fit in my bag key.

1.) First, and most importantly, don't forget a bathing suit. If you remember nothing else remember this. Have fun with your suit this 4th of July. Wear a patriotic color, or try out a fun, fresh print.

2.) Next up, grab a bright and colorful towel. It will help you to stand out on the sand and you will be able to easily locate where you are when coming back out of the water.

3.) SUNSCREEN! Yes I am yelling because it is so important for a long weekend in the sun to make sure you are constantly applying sunscreen. Don't let a sunburn get in the way of your fun.

4.) Sunglasses are a must. Besides allowing you to people watch without being caught, they protect your eyes from the suns harmful rays. They also make reading out on the beach so much easier.

5.) Reading materials. Whether you are an old school traditionalist and prefer the comforts of books and magazines, or you are high tech and love the endless library of your tablet, bringing something to read is always a great idea.

6.) Water, water, water. It's important to stay hydrated while spending the day at the beach. That is not to say that having a few beers in between isn't an awesome plan, because it is, but just be sure to drink plenty of water while having fun in the sun.

7.) A great shade of nail polish. I don't generally carry my nail polish to the beach with me but I do count it as an essential because nothing says summer fun like a bright bold nail! So change up your regular nail polish before your trip and see what a great color can really do for you!

8.) Last but certainly not least is a beach bag. Find something that you love and make sure it is large enough to carry all of your essential items.

No matter what you decide to bring on your trip this holiday weekend, we here at AWB want to wish you a Happy 4th of July and look forward to hearing how you spent your holiday!

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