Sunday, May 4, 2014

The Best Suits for your Shape: Apple

Apples are generally known for carrying the bulk of their weight in their chest and mid section. This is defined as your waist being wider than your hips and usually about as wide as your bust. This rounded upper body is what gives this body type the apple shape. Some of our favorite celebrities fall into this body shape such as Elizabeth Hurley, Jessica Simpson, and Tyra Banks.
 The same challenges that apply when finding clothes to fit your shape also occur when trying to find your perfect bathing suit.  With a few quick tips you can easily hide your problem areas and accentuate the positives. The best advice for all Apples is to enhance the chest and legs and try to minimize the midsection. The best way to down play your belly is by trying a one-piece suit with ruching along the midsection or center to give the illusion of a longer, slimmer torso. If bikinis are your preference look for bottoms with adjustable bands across the waist to help avoid muffin tops. Try deep v-cut tops such as halters and triangles which help flatter and support a larger bust while drawing the eyes attention away from your midsection. Also look to higher cut bottoms that help elongate your slim legs. Being an Apple shape should never stop you from looking your best. With these quick and easy tips finding the perfect suit for you is just a click away!
What suits work best for your Apple shape?

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