Thursday, May 15, 2014

Caviar Anyone? Nail Polish that is!


Here at All Wet Beachwear we love anything that adds a little something extra to our already great bikinis. One of the things we are most excited for is the new Ciate London Caviar Manicures. We have been patiently awaiting its arrival (well some of us have been more patient than others) and the time is finally here. So pick out your favorite combination and follow along with us. Let's get to painting!

How to Guide: 7 Steps to a Caviar Manicure 
STEP 1: Ensure any old nail polish has been fully removed. Try Ciate London Nail Polish Remover. It comes in a variety of delicious chocolate flavored scents.

STEP 2: Once the old polish is removed, trim, shape, and buff your nails. Remember to wash your hands before proceeding to step 3 so that all of the remover and any debris has been removed.

STEP 3: Add a thin layer of base coat to prep your nails before adding the polish color.

STEP 4: Add one thin coat of the nail polish found in the caviar manicure kit or try one of their other amazing colors. Look for complimenting colors that work well with the sprinkles that you will be applying later. (Tip: Spread the first coat out and allow it to completely dry before applying the second. If you apply both coats too quickly it will take forever to dry and is more likely to nick.)

STEP 5: Apply the second coat of nail polish (Tip: have the caviar ready to apply as you don't want the second coat to dry). Then carefully sprinkle the caviar beads on top of each nail until fully covered. 

STEP 6: Gently press down on top of the beads to set in place in the polish. Allow it to dry completely.

STEP 7: Add a top coat to seal and protect your beautiful new nails and you're good to go!

Do you love Caviar Manicures too?
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