Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Best Suit for Your Shape: Pear

While a pear can be a tasty fruit it can also be a difficult to dress body shape. Not entirely sure if you're a pear? Pears are known for their larger waist, rear, and thighs. They tend to be smaller on top in the bust and shoulders and therefore give the appearance of a pear shape. The biggest challenge when dressing is trying to create balance. It is important when selecting a suit to look for pieces that draw the attention upward and enhance your chest. By doing this you can create the illusion of balance and give yourself a more hourglass figure. While being a pear can sometimes seem frustrating, knowing how to work with what you have really helps to show off the best you. Some of our favorite bikini loving celebrities are pear shaped. Keep an eye on Rihanna, Leighton Meester, Jennifer Lopez, and Rachel Bilson for inspiration, as these sexy ladies all know how to work what looks best on them.

When buying a suit it's all about the top. Look for bandeau tops as they will make you appear wider across the chest and help to create an even look. You can also try a triangle or halter top with good support. Detailing around the chest and neck also keeps the focus above the waist, so don't be afraid of ruffles, fringe, flowers, patterns etc. For the bottom you want to keep it simple. Look into solid colors and suits with adjustable fold over tops. This style allows for more or less coverage depending on your needs and helps to camouflage some of your extra junk in the trunk. Try to avoid boy short bottoms as they tend to cut into the thighs and create a wider affect.

With so many great suit options available, being a pear should never stop you from enjoying your fun in the sun!

What is your favorite way to dress your pear shape?

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