Sunday, September 7, 2014

Totally Crazy About Totes

Pool side, beach side, or wherever life takes you, these perfect totes will keep up with your busy life. These sturdy bags are easy to carry and often double as great weekend or general luggage replacements. The sleek shape of the tote bag adds a sophisticated element to any look whether you're out having fun or on your way into work. These bags are always ready for double duty. Totes can be found in a variety of materials such as leather, nylon, or even recycled materials, which makes many of them easy to treat and care for. Besides being incredibly functional these great carryall bags are highly fashionable. Nearly every major designer has their version of the tote bag. From classic and traditional, to fun and wild there is a bag for all personalities and all occasions.

InStyle Magazine asked some of our favorite celebrities what's inside your beach bag?
Gabrielle Union told she has "Neutrogena's Sunblock - 100!" in her beach ready tote. Sunblock is a must have in any beach tote. "I like the spray on kind because it's easy to reapply." Gabrielle knows the importance of  keeping her perfect skin intact from the sun's harmful rays.
Jason Wu, fashion designer, told that he prepares his bag for the beach by packing "suntan lotion, a towel, a cell phone and five of my favorite magazines." We couldn't agree more with his essential list of must haves especially the selection of magazines. Pouring through magazines while burying our feet in the sand is our definition of a near perfect day!
Actress Jordana Brewster told her staples include "A towel, a ziplock bag to put an old bathing suit in, SPF 50 for her face, and water." Water is an absolute must while spending the day at the beach. It is important to rehydrate during a long day of fun. Another great tip Jordana has is ziplock bags to put your wet suit in, which will help keep all of your other items dry. Another great use for ziplock bags is to store your phone, keys, wallet, etc. It will keep them dry and sand free while floating around in your bag.

Check out our picks for totes for work, water, and our wild card!

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