Friday, September 12, 2014

How to Win: Bikini vs. Bloat

Finally the time has come and your vacation is here. You've planned, saved, and even went on a diet. All this in preparation for your trip to an exotic location where you intend to spend every minute lounging in the sun with a suitcase full of nothing but swimwear. So there is nothing more disappointing than when you wake up on a beautiful day, in a tropical setting only to find that you feel like a bloated mess. What happened? What went wrong? The fact of the matter is, you have probably brought this feeling upon yourself. Think back, think back hard if necessary. What did you eat an hour ago, 5 hours ago, yesterday? What you eat can have a positive or negative effect on how your body feels. I don't know about you but when I don't feel great the last thing I want to do is squeeze into a tiny bikini. But don't worry there's still hope. With a little planning and savvy eating you can feel your best come beach time. Here are our tips of what to steer clear of to help avoid the bloat.

Not all healthy foods are your friends right now. Healthy eating is one of the keys to staying in shape. However some of our favorite good for you foods are the same ones we want to avoid come vacation time. Keep a close eye on foods that are known to cause gas. While broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers and brussel sprouts are all amazingly nutritious and help you fit into your bikini long term, short term you may want to skip them the day before or day of to avoid any discomfort while trying to relax.
Say so long to salt. While enjoying your trip try to get your salt intake from the ocean, not from your food. Sodium heavy foods can cause you to retain water which leads to that bloated feeling that can put a damper on the best of days. No need to cut out salt entirely, just be careful not to over do it.
Skip the bubbles. We aren't talking just champagne. Anything that is carbonated creates gas which can build up in the stomach and cause bloating. For a few days it's best to say goodbye to sodas and sparkling water.

These are just a few quick tips on what to avoid before and during your trip. Never let that bloated feeling keep you from killing it in your favorite bikini. Enjoy your travels!

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