Sunday, June 15, 2014

Bikini Outfit of the Day: Little Black Bikini

It has been a well known secret of women that black makes us look thinner, and for all intents and purposes this is true. The concept that all black, or all dark colors, makes us appear thinner is for a multitude of reasons. It creates a monochromatic streamline for the eye which isn't broken up by other colors, making you appear longer and thinner. Dark colors also help to hide any bunching or curves in the fabric which would be more visible in lighter colors. When wearing black these imperfections are more difficult to see and therefore creates a more slimming look. The same is true when it comes to a Little Black Bikini (LBB). It helps to hide some of our flaws and always creates a sophisticated, put together look. Below we have selected our favorite LBB for each body shape. By selecting a style that flatters your body type and adds in the slimming effect of dark solid colors, these looks are sure to become your go to LBB.   


Find your perfect Little Black Bikini and more HERE

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