Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to organize your swim wardrobe!

Feel like you have a million swimsuits yet nothing to wear on your vacation? Staring into a mess of straps and Lycra can make anyone feel overwhelmed, especially if it has been a whole winter since you have dared to don swimwear. One of the best ways to store swimwear is in plastic resealable bags.

When you buy swimwear from All Wet Beachwear it comes in a small, clear bag. Instead of tossing it hold on to the bag and use it to organize your collection. You can also use small resealable sandwich bags. Individual plastic bags make swimwear easy to find, pack and store. It will also help prevent soft foam padding from losing shape, tangled strings from stretching your bikini bottoms, and it will keep you from losing the detachable straps for your bandeaus.

One interesting benefit you will find is that when you begin to treat your swimwear with care, you will actually appreciate it more. Your swimwear collection will become a group of bright little packages ready to unwrap and enjoy.

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