Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swim Chronicles 2: Reviews on Cia Maritima and Luli Fama

For our next installment of All Wet Beachwear's Swim Chronicles, it is Morgan's turn. She is the voice behind many of these blog posts and recently made a trip to Singapore and Malaysia. On her trip, she had the chance to test out new swimwear from Cia Maritima and Luli Fama.

From Morgan:
I have always been crazy for swimwear. Even in high school, I would scan the magazines including the Sport's Illustrated Swimsuit issue and if I saw something unique I would find it and buy it and this was before the days of online shopping! A Brazilian friend once called me a bikini collector, when a Brazilian calls you out on your bikini obsession, you know it is bad.

Because of my bikini addiction, I have tried a lot of different brands and two of my favorites are Cia Maritima and Luli Fama. I had an opportunity to escape the city and travel to hot and humid Singapore and Malaysia and I brought swimwear from those brands on my trip.

Review of Cia Maritima Leopard Triangle Top and Bottom

I am a petite person and if there is one thing I hate it is putting on a bulky bikini and having it obscure the little shape that I do have. Cia Maritima's string bikinis have become my go-to-swimsuit. They do not look bulky on a small figure yet they aren't so overly teeny that I am afraid to disrobe either! The designs and prints are tasteful and fashion-forward. I know if I get a Cia bikini I can wear it for seasons to come. This particular swimsuit features a beautiful pattern that is an update on the traditional leopard print. I love the special details like the gold accent in between the cups and the soft fabric. In my report card, the only points I deducted were on staying power and functionality because I probably wouldn't try to surf it! But few bikinis actually stay put while surfing. Overall I loved it! It was so flattering and sexy yet not too revealing to wear poolside in Malaysia.

Review of Luli Fama Luxe Lace Triangle Top Bikini

Everyone needs at least 1 Luli Fama bikini and this was my first. I absolutely loved the runway photo of this style on the website and had to have it. I have tried on wavy side/scrunch back bottoms from other brands in the past but I can honestly say this brand fits the best and was the most flattering for my body type. However, the cut of the back is so skimpy that when first wearing this in public, I did have the feeling that my entire bottom was hanging out! But I got used to it quickly and having a tan bum was worth the initial shock. This bikini works best for poolside lounging. I have taken it in the ocean waves and had a mini-panic attack coming out of the water. A bonus is that this top does have light padding, it stays put and doesn't bunch and adds a nice little bust boost.

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