Wednesday, August 10, 2011

AWB dishes with Bathing News Blogger Tala Kolb

Bathing News is one of the best swimwear blogs out there and the beauty behind the blog is Tala Kolb. AWB was happy to get a chance to dish with a swim lover like Tala. We found out what she looks for in a bikini to what she is excited to see coming in 2012. 

AWB: Your blog is filled with pages and pages of inspirational images from editorial shoots in magazines and swim campaigns, what types of images are you drawn to?

Tala: I'm drawn to anything magical and bikini related of course, lots of colors, high fashion, earthy, ethereal, dreamy things that remind me of anything fun and sunny, beach and travel related. Something that makes me say wow and "that designer 'gets' it." Things that remind me of mermaids under or over the water. Things that i'd love to wear prancing around with a sparkly ice cream cone, no matter if its just down to the beach, grocery store, or on a tropical vacay.

AWB: Can you give us an approximation of how many swimsuits you own?? :-)

Tala: I wish I could, but, I'd have to stop blogging for a couple days to go through it all and count. Let just say, I use to have some in storage. Right now I have them all super organized, and some even on's kinda like a museum of swimwear around here :) Oh, I also have tons saved from childhood too...but just one from when I was two, that's super adorable!

AWB: Amazing! I can remember a few favorites from when I was small too! What are some of the key things you look for in a bikini?

The cut is major! The bum cut especially. Fabric is important and detail too. I try to look for exceptional prints that are dreamy. Everyone's got a different body, so whatever is flattering and accentuates the smile!!:)

AWB: What are some of your favorite beach destinations?.

Tala: oohhhhhhhh so many! Right here at home is one of my faves. No matter where I go, I miss little hidden coves in San Diego...and near Malibu. I LOVE the beaches of CORFU! I Love little nooks in Maui (especially under the water falls)! Oh, Trunk Bay is amazzze! Geee I even liked Capri, Nice, quiet stretches of sand in Costa Rica, St. Augustine on the East Coast...this can go onnn...

AWB: Um can we sneak away in your luggage, your trips sound gorgeous. I know you attended Miami Swim Fashion Week a couple of weeks ago, what were some highlights for you from the shows?

All the shows at Mercedes Benz had unique qualities that made me get the chills. I loved the way Lisa Blue presented their line...outta this world!!! Cia.Maritima had some beautiful magical prints that were pretty mermaid-y to me that I just loved. The energy backstage at L*Space reminded me why I love meeting the designers. The rainstorm one night was crazy too! :) Lots of new designers I  met at the Swim Show brought some perfect color and print to the bikinis which isn't easy to do. I'm obsessed with Salinas' new collection. Prints and colors are truly some of my fave! There's no way for me to recap all my show highlights...I tried my best on Bathing check it out!! 

(click to see her posts on Cia.Maritima and LSpace)

AWB: What are you excited to see coming in 2012?

I'm excited about more bra type cups (i love the under-wire personally). I'm happy a lot more designers are embracing the smaller bikini bum cut too!

AWB: We agree a skimpy back is very sexy and fun to wear we are happy to see more available. Your bio says you help under privileged kids, can you tell us more about the work you do for kids?

Yes, I'm also a Psychotherapist! Who wouda thunk!? I've been working for years with emotionally and behaviorally at risk children who are suffering mental illness. I like to spread happiness :) 

AWB: Wow that is incredible, must be challenging and very rewarding. Your bio also says you dreamed of growing up in the Blue Lagoon, have you ever had a chance to visit Jamaica or the Blue Lagoon?

I've been pretty close to Jamaica near the aqua waters and have visited blue lagoons I never wanted to leave. I'm debating currently a temporary move near a blue lagoon-y spot with a blue lagoony house...with spoons made of shells...we'll seeeee! :))

Thanks so much for sharing your swim love with us Tala!! We will keep eyeing your blog. 

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