Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Beach Beauty Tips from Celebrity Makeup Artist Lonz

AWB keeps you stocked with all of the fashionable swimwear, cover-ups and accessories you need to make the maximum impact on the beach. Being fashion obsessed, naturally we are makeup lovers. We are always looking for new tips to keep us on trend. So this weekend we consulted the expertise of Loni Jones, known as Lonz, a talented NARS makeup artist who has done makeup for fashion and television in Jamaica and Grand Cayman. She was lead makeup artist at Caribbean Fashion week 2007 – 2009, works with Ocean Style TV and has groomed and beautified celebrities including: M.I.A., Sean Paul, Tanya Stevens, Tami Chin, Yendi Phillips, Marcia Griffiths, Etana, Brick and Lace, Jovi Rockwell, and Timeka. 

Loni Jones MUA

We asked her for her thoughts on beach beauty….

AWB - There are many women who will not wear makeup to the beach. I like to wear a little something. What is your opinion on makeup at the beach?

Lonz - Nothing's wrong with wearing a bit of makeup to the beach! The amount worn also depends on the occasion. So lets say it’s a beach party that starts in the evening, then by all means look glamorous. But if it’s a regular day and your intention is to get a little tan going and chill, minus the boy scoping, then keep it minimal.

AWB - What are 5 key products for beach beauty?

Lonz - SPF, lip-balm, bronzer, waterproof mascara and waterproof liner

Sephora Flashy Liner Waterproof 
AWB - What about after a day at the beach? Say someone is going out to a dinner or party after having spent some time at the beach and they are looking beautifully bronzed. Are there any ways to enhance and compliment a sun-kissed look?

Lonz - Using a self-tanner is one way. Also using products that illuminate the skin.


Clarins Paris After Sun Moisturizer Self-Tanning
Nars Multiple in Malaysia

AWB - One fabulous thing about the Caribbean is the frequency of the beach parties! Do you have any tips for people on what to do to prep for a beach party the night before before?

Lonz - Waxing is a must if you plan to expose your bikini line or legs...hairy legs are so 1990! But to prep, I’d suggest drinking a lot of water to hydrate the body and skin.

AWB – Jamaica’s Heroes' Weekend recently past, did you see any cool beach party makeup looks over the weekend?

Lonz - Yes. I saw a girl who did a light and simple purple smoky eye with bronzed cheeks and lots of mascara. 

Purple smoky eye from the Luli Fama 2011 Collection
Luli Fama 2011 Collection Makeup Look

AWB - Anything else you think should be added about beach beauty?

Lonz - Beach beauty is fun and sexy. It doesn't have to be over the top or excessive...

Check out Loni’s blog for more beauty tips:


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