Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How to care for your fabulous swimsuits?

People are always asking us how they should take care of their designer swimwear. I know the following rules are often hard to follow but try to follow as many as possible to make your designer suit last longer. They rarely fade or stretch out on me.

1. Start with a good quality swimsuit and it will last longer. Chlorine still can harm these swimsuits it will just take longer. The suit will hold its shape better and help you hold yours.

2. Wash the swimsuit by hand with a mild soap after every use.
(special swimsuit cleaners are available.) Plain water does not remove the chlorine or salt water.

3. Never wash your suit in a washing machine.
Just gently hand wash it in the sink and hang it indoors to dry. The washing machine will breakdown the lycra and ruin some of the bra cups that are sewn into many swimsuits. 

4. Never dry your swimsuit in the sun or in a dryer.
The sun and the dryer are both hard on the lycra and spandex in your suit. The sun will speed fading and both will cause the breakdown of the elastic quality of your swimwear.

5. Alternate swimsuits
Try and give your swimsuits at least 24 hours to dry before reusing. The lycra/spandex is a memory yarn. The swimsuit needs these 24 hrs to go back to its original shape. This will help stop the problem where your suit keeps getting larger.

6. Be careful where you sit, lay, and lean
Pool sides and many decks are rough so you don't slip. It may not feel rough to the touch but your suit will find it rough. It will ruin the bottoms of your suit or the front if your leaning over the edge. Take the extra second to sit or lay on a towel. Your swimsuit will last longer and you'll be happier.

7.  Laying out in the sun
When possible do your sunbathing before you swim. The combination of sun and chemicals from the water makes your suit wear out quicker. If swimming first is what you prefer and it is possible change into a dry suit to do your sunbathing.

8. Hot tubs
What can I say. Hot tubs are extremely hard on swimsuits and will destroy them quickly. The Bromine used and the extreme heat will fade and stretch your suit out faster than anything else. I have seen a swimsuit destroyed in one wearing. So when alone wear a swimsuit your tired of then clean it like I recommended above. Be sure and wash and rinse it very well to get all of the chemicals out. When in a group and looking your best is a must. Take the swimsuit off and wash it out as soon as possible after wearing.

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