Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sexy SWIM with Vix Swimwear

Vix Swimwear 2010 sexy collection features some of the most forward-thinking spins on beachwear in fashion today. The swimsuit line shines, incorporating super-hot tortoiseshell details and cutting-edge materials like resin to accentuate Vix's classic bikinis and one pieces. Jade stone details combine with Vix's trademark leather and gold accessories. And this year Vix adds a number of light, airy beach dresses and throws, perfect for the pool and beach. This is the most exciting collection yet from one of the worlds leaders in beach and resort fashion.

Pictures of the 2010 Vix Swimwear Collection available at All Wet Beachwear, so stop on by and pick up a few of these great pieces...


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